HepG2 Culture/Medium    HepG2 Stable Line

HepG2 Cells

human liver hepatocellular carcinoma cell line

Cell culture protocols, stable and transient transfection

HepG2 cell line was derived from the liver tissue of fifteen year old male with differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma. Epithelial in morphology, have a model chromosome number of 55. Not tumorigenic in immunocompromised mice. Secrete plasma proteins, such as albumin, transferrin, fibrinogen, a-2-macroglobulin, plasminogen. Cells respond to stimulation with HGH.


HepG2 cell line is commercially available from American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) and DSMZ (German Resource Centre for Biological Material)

HepG2 Cell Transfection Kits:

HepG2 transfection kit commercially available from Altogen Biosystems

HepG2 Stable Cell Line Construction:

Development of HepG2-based stable cell line (including RNAi knockdown cells) is commercially available service provided by Altogen Services


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